WoodsEdge Institute New Testament Bible Survey Resources

The New Testament Bible Survey class at WoodsEdge Community Church (www.woodsedge.org) covers all 27 books of the New Testament in 10 weeks. Classes are available in person or online. You can register here:


The resources listed below build a foundation for the class and further study of the New Testament.

The zodiac mosaic at the Sepphoris synagogue near Nazareth (notice the Hebrew and Greek lettering)

This 6-part podcast and accompanying presentation covers the Intertestamental Period and explains how this period shaped the world of Jesus’ time. How the Intertestamental Period Shaped the New¬†Testament

The caves at Qumran near the Dead Sea

The Forgotten Bible Character: The Land Itself

This two-session lesson explores the geography of the land of Israel/Palestine and how the land itself shapes the biblical stories. The Forgotten Character of the Bible: The Land Itself

How Did We Get the Bible?

This slideshow explains how the Bible was recognized by the church as divinely inspired by God, why we can trust that today’s Bibles reflect the original documents, and why the Bible applies to us today.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

List of Major Ancient Literature Primary Sources

The following is a list of the writings from the ancient period. This is not an exhaustive compilation.

List of Additional Class Reading

The following list is additional class reading for students with various levels of experience in theological studies, from introductory to advanced.

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