The Jewish Foundations of the New Testament

The presentations below are from our Sunday morning class at Stonebridge Church. In this series we are learning more about 1st century Judaism and how it relates to the New Testament so that we can become better interpreters of the Bible.

In Class 1, we built a map of Israel / Palestine from scratch.

Class 1 – Introduction – The Land and the Bible Part I – 1-14-18

In Class 2, we used our maps to examine 3 passages of Scripture and how the land is part of the narrative of the Bible

Class 2 – The Land and the Bible Part II – 1-21-18

Class 2 Handout – FINAL

In Class 3, we began our examination of the Intertestamental Period and how it affected the first century.

Class 3 – Final – 1-28-18

Class 3 Handout

For an audio portion of this lesson, listen to Podcast 1 in The Intertestamental Period section.

In Class 4, we continued our examination of the Intertestamental Period and how it affected the first century.Class 4 – Final – 2-4-18  

Class 4 Handout

Class 4 Handout – Genealogies


In Class 5, we finished the Intertestamental Period and discussed the 1st century along with implications for the New Testament – what we should listen for when we read the stories.

Class 5 – FINAL – 2-11-18

Class 5 Handout

In Class 6, we began examining our presuppositions about the Jewish faith in the first century and how we have misinterpreted it by using a Christian perspective.

Class 6 – Final – 2-18-18

Class 6 Handout

In Class 7 we began defining Judaism through the words of the Jewish rabbis.

Class 7 – FINAL – 2-25-18

Class 7 Handout

In Class 8, we completed our definition of Judaism by looking at how the rabbis saw their faith in the first century.

Class 8 – Final – 3-4-18

Class 8 Handout

In Class 9 we examined Matthew Chapter 23 in light of Jewish definitions of ethics and covenant and also discussed the importance of the Temple for 1st c. Judaism. Sorry, no audio.

Class 9 – Final – 3-18-18

Class 9 Handout

In Class 10, we examined the influence of Hellenism and Jewish reactions to it in terms of literature, social movement, and religious thought.

Class 10 – Final – 3-25-18

Class 10 Handout


Class 11 covers other Jewish reactions to Hellenism and developments during the Intertestamental Period.

Class 11 – FINAL 4-8-18

Class 11 Handout


Class 12 covers the Jewish feasts and how they shaped the New Testament

Class 12 – FINAL – 4-15-18

Class 12 Handout


Class 13 covers the three daily habits that demarcated Judaism from everyone else and the Sadducees.

Praxis and Social Stratification in Judaism

History of Intertestamental Groups

Class 13 – FINAL 4-22-18

Class 13 Handout


Class 14 discusses the Pharisees and Essenes (the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls)

Class 14 FINAL

Class 14 Handout


Class 15 discusses the hope for God’s return in 1st c. Judaism and the implications for reading the New Testament

Class 15 – FINAL 5-6-18

The Figure of Elijah in 2nd Temple Judaism and the NT

Historical Development of NT Picture of

Class 15 Handout


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