FAITH in a (Sometimes) Hostile World

Notecard_Page_1Join us at WoodsEdge Community Church ( – 11:30 am in Portable 8


Week 1 focused on the return of the Jewish exiles to Judea from Babylon:

  • What did they find when they arrived?
  • What challenges did they face?
  • How did they re-establish faith in the land of their greatest sorrow?

faith hostile world wk 1 – final

wk 1 handout

Week 2 explored the growth of Judaism in Egypt under favorable conditions and the explosion of ideas as Judaism lived in the context of Hellenism.

Faith Hostile World Wk 2 – FINAL

Wk 2 Handout

Week 3 covered the experience of Judaism in Egypt during the 3rd century BCE. During this period, Hellenistic Judaism flourished under favorable conditions, resulting in many new innovations to their faith.

Faith Hostile World wk 3 – FINAL 

Wk 3 Handout

Week 4 explored a significant historical group, the Essenes and how they saw themselves as  faithful believers led to separate from society to form their own ascetic group.

Faith Hostile World wk 4 – FINAL

Wk 4 Handout

Week 5 focuses on the 1st century, discussing the Sadducees and their approach to leadership and beliefs. How did their view of leadership responsibilities lead them to make decisions at the expense of others? Do we make the same decisions today?

Faith Hostile World wk 5 FINAL 

Wk 5 Handout





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