During my first graduate program, I was playfully accused of “hanging around with the theological stray dogs of the faculty.” Studying at a conservative school, a challenge towards rigid presuppositions normally created such reactions. However, having done my formative theological education in a more diverse evangelical community, I learned take such things in stride, extending grace. The phrase itself has always stuck with me as a badge of honor more than a scarlet letter.

I have created Theological Stray Dogs for a couple reasons. First, I needed a place to give access to my teaching materials. I teach on a regular basis at church and need a place to share lectures, podcasts, etc. Second, every once in a while I feel the need to turn a critical eye on certain subjects, but not on a regular basis. I hope the ideas and resources here encourage you to pursue concepts and people that seem outlandish and outrageous for the glory of God.

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