Studies on Genesis

This pages includes various lessons and handouts on the book of Genesis including a lecture on the relationships between Genesis and science, cultural studies that inform the background of Genesis, and lessons from our class. My intent is to do a podcast on “Approaches to the Book of Genesis and Modern Science.”

Approaches to the Book of Genesis and Modern Science

Major Worldviews & Views on Creation

Cultural Differences Between the Modern West and Ancient Near East

Hebrew Cosmology and Genesis Account

How Big was the Flood?

Jacob Cycle in Genesis

Marriage Customs in the OT

The Patriarch Cycle in Genesis

Parallels Between the Creation and Flood Stories

Literary Breakdown of the Flood Story

Genesis 2

Genesis 8

Genesis 9

Genesis 9-10

Genesis 12-13

Genesis 14

Genesis 16

Genesis 19

Genesis 22

Genesis 22 Literary Parallelism

Genesis 24

Genesis 25

Genesis 26

Genesis 26 Literary Breakdown

Genesis 27

Genesis 39

Genesis 41